When you say “sedation dentistry,” don’ t you just mean laughing gas?

No, actually laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is actually not as common as it once was. The most popular form of sedation dentistry that I use today as a sedation dentist is oral sedation. This just means the patient takes a pill that puts them in a relaxed, sedated state for the procedure. (Of course, you will need someone to pick you up and drive you home after sedation dentistry, because the effects do not wear off immediately.) There are various different pharmaceuticals, dosages and strengths that can be used in sedation dentistry, depending on the specific situation and patient. Another form of sedation dentistry that we offer is IV sedation. This is where the sedative is introduced directly into the bloodstream. This is much less common than oral sedation, and is typically used in cases where heavier sedation is called for, or when oral sedation is not suitable for a particular patient for one reason or another.

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